We are a multi national group of families from Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Canada and USA,  who are collaborating and living together within 3 resonant location in California US, Almere-Amsterdam NL  and Languedoc SW France.

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In August 2014 our group of multi national families felt ready to make the next steps of making our dreams and visions a physical reality.


As we walk along on our own journey, our passion is also to invite others to join and collaborate with us. In this way we develop our group skills and co-creational abilities together. All assists the Whole to manifest our dreams and visions in this physical reality to create a New Earth.

Walking the path together with us

South of France

The Midi Pyrénées region is renowned as a sacred power centre for exploring your own spiritual inner transformational journey. The energies of Mary Magdalen, Jeshua, the Essenes, our Christed Sisterhood and Brotherhood Family – all have lived as Multi Dimensional beings in these regions and their essence continues to live in the ethers, holographically and through our visions in dream state within this location. All walk the path and journey with and alongside us.

New community for young adults


Almere is a NEW project where we combine a space for the Next Generation of families. The project is named Live-to-Be and is also for high sensitive young adults who are feeling that they can’t always fit into regular society.

An enchanted kingdom of 26 acres


Telosia is an inspiring place and space where new ideas and innovations are introduced into Family Living. We are a colourful energetic group of people with a variety of skills and passions who are currently experiencing our own shifts and changes as we co-habit with nature and all sentient beings in living together.

A variety of multimedia

This is how we sustain our intentions

Amidst all our new developments with Living our Dreams we have all been expanding our abilities with Multi Media and Social Media. Our passion for photography, film making, video slide shows, musical creations, meditative affirmations. All assist to rewrite and affirm our intentions and dreams for the reality we choose to live in.

Our visitors say

Creations and manifestations

All Living Life is Sentient!

Telosia is an inspiring place and space where new ideas and innovations are introduced into Family Living. We are a colourful energetic group of people with a variety of skills

Dreams Really Do Come True!

In 2007 John, my husband, Josef our son, who was 9 then, and I made our first trip to Mt Shasta. We were staying in San Francisco when we received

Lotus Bell Tent

During 2016 we enjoyed a Lotus Belle tent (click link for our YouTube presentation) on part of our Enchanted Kingdom on Telosia Sanctuary. Sleeping in this Yurt style Belle tent

Panther Meadows

Panther Meadows This compilation of multi dimensional photos were taken during a visit to Panther Meadows on Mount Shasta, CA during October 2016. Helena Serafina and Joanne van Wijgerden are

Telosia Sanctuary changed my life

For me, our new family home has put a lot into motion. Already in the beginning of this amazing project, I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, the


This video shows our tiny house on Telosia, Mount Shasta CA. This is 26 acres Sanctuary for families. The tiny house is an example of living more simply. It reflects


We like co-creation

Location USA: Telosian Community, Mt Shasta, California,
Location France: Bella Cruz CoLiving, Ariège, Midi Pyrénées
Location Netherlands: Ubuntulaan, Almere-Oosterwold, Nr Amsterdam

Phone (USA): 01-530 691 8192
Phone (France): 033-7 68 24 22 99
Phone (Netherlands): 031-613 972 355

Email: contact