More recently, we,  like many new families and new generations are attracted to this area for its rich natural breathtaking beauty in the scenery and landscape alongside an abundance of organic foods, organic juices, wine and natural “Source water”. A colorful expression of artistry with dance, music, and an eclectic vibrant energy for life is also available. We just simply feel more energised!! We are also feel attracted to listen or collaborate with resident and visiting musicians/artists/sound healers from around the region. All generations of our families, really enjoy feeling a new sense of rhythm and self connection. We love the ways in which this offers us the opportunities to create new cycles, new collaborations and new adventures in our lives .

In the Midi Pyrénées region there are multiple areas of interest to visit where the locations offer transformational connections which can be made to other aspects of our Multi Dimensional Being. The layers of empathic and telepathic living within other dimensions is surprisingly transparent in this area of SW France. We fully embrace these multiple opportunities to feel our own guidances within the peace and tranquility of these sacred places and spaces. A new vision of our own relationship with our multi dimensional selves and other family members can unfold. Ultimately this leads to new ways of living which more fully embrace our connection to our surroundings, the land, and the communities we chose to live with.

Children, youngsters, visionaries,  alongside nature, wildlife and animals are often the first to pick up on new energies as we are so receptive to these more open, nurturing feeling states.

On one level we just feel as though we have more space to play!

No need to keep leaving our body and creating sub realities to play in – as its possible to bring our imagination into this body reality.

There are multiple trails along the Pyrenean Mountain areas which all offer multiple possibilities and potentials for reconnecting with our multi dimensional, innate knowing and offers us more association and mentoring with our own inner guidance and divine other selves. You remember, we are the ones who have walked these trails before so we are just catching up with our selves. It also feels as though we are updating the collective template with some inspirational ways of living in harmony with our surroundings. Those who resonate will find themselves attracted to the projects and activities we are all involved in.

A feeling of COMING HOME can resonate and rejuvenate our heart-space and encourage us to take new steps on our journey of expanded awareness as creator beings.