Inter Generational Co-Living

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ed38ff87a1620f348d95d2202608f0f4   Many young adults and children now feel deeply called to know more about themselves so that they can access their own unique qualities and abilities. In this more natural state they can deliver an optimal contribution to the huge transitional process of expanding the consciousness of earth and humanity.   Our dream has always been to assist the next generation in sharing their knowledge and their own expanded group living experiences to a wider group. This is an even more direct way to give young people and their families support and assistance, where an even deeper layer of understanding can be shared within the group.   As a group of multi national families we are deeply committed to providing further opportunities and possibilities for other to feel inspired to follow their dreams through their hearts. In this way we are becoming more of a global group community network.   As our contribution we have chosen to live in 3 different locations in California, SW France and Almere-Amsterdam in Holland. All these locations have multiple potentials where young people and the whole family can network and share experiences within a loving family environment. Through having this physical contact in many countries with those who share similar intentions and initiatives, we are birthing an international group of conscious families who are co-creating in their own human evolution.   Our invitation is to assist the next generation in exploring new ways of living together in peace and harmony with nature and our surroundings.  


Next Generation includes our new born children who are bringing forward a whole new consciousness to earth where peace and harmony is in concordance with all sentient Life.


Living in peace and harmony with all living things

Meeting up with other young people who care about the same things and feel in resonance with living in a benevolent way of life