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During 2016, on the Telosia Sanctuary we have been joined by many young adults, who are also searching for a deeper connectivity with both them selves, nature and the land. In celebration of our Tiny Cabin being completed we requested that Frederique, a member of Young Masters from Holland, choose a special Creative Design project to enhance the land.

Frederique chose to develop a beautiful labyrinth with stones from the land and with Joanne they chose some additional crystals from Soul Connections in Mt Shasta.


A lovely feature - Precious and Angel our maine coon cats - nestled themselves between the labyrinth. Such a compliment to our Creative Designs that they felt so drawn to experience the frequencies of the crystals.


Creative Designs – Frederique also introduced the group to Pinterest. A social media network, where all can share their creative designs. Such a blessing – that all of us could create story boards, and feel connected to the project.

Pinterest – the worlds catalogue of interesting ideas.


Group sharing often takes place of social gatherings, like coffee, lunch and supper times.

Our dream state is often a regular discussion within our conversations.

Telepathy between the family often takes place by sharing pictures with each other – visual images which the other members can receive.

Even our family animals are sharing pictures and communications with us all the time!

Social media often brings into the physical new innovations which are assisting all of us to become more group collective and socially aware.