Sentient Life

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Welcome to our

Telosia Community ,in Mt Shasta, California,

Bella Cruz in The Pyrénées, SWFrance and

Live-To-BE in Oosterwold-Almere,Neths

where house animals, WildLife and ALL Sentient Life are a feature in a daily living here surrounded by Nature.

All our cats especially Precious and Angel love our animal walks into the meadows shown below alongside the Mt Shasta River which runs through the property.

Truly a treat for us all!

The family walks with the animals are so special as we enjoy sharing the connection with nature and each other.

On Bella Cruz we are HOME to several cats, dogs and chickens amongst the abundant Wildlife which surrounds the hamlet.

For us  - All Life is Sentient!!


Walking with the animals and our hosts down to the river was certainly a highlight for the whole family. As we live in the city our children absolutely loved this close connection to such wildlife in breathtaking nature. We enjoyed fabulous hosting at Telosia and – BE-ing there certainly gave us a deeper connection to nature, our surroundings and a welcome breath of mountain fresh air. We will be back!!

PATRICIA from San Francisco