We are constantly energized and inspired through living in a place of such natural beauty

We call this our Home on Telosia,  nestled in the valley of Mount Shasta, CA.

In each moment. on The Telosia Sanctuary we can feel bursts of energy to connect with the land to create new opportunities for living, eating and sharing our lives with the natural habitat and animals. We know that ALL around us – reflects the consciousness of the way we are feeling and harmonically collaborating with each other. We have so much to be reminded of in the ways these things synchronize with each other.



Everything on the Sanctuary is invited to reflect a natural rhythm so ALL can feel included in the process. Every space has its own macro and micro eco system. And we are all invited to join in and BE a part of the journey with our selves, our own animals, wildlife, the trees, nature, the natural water elements, elementals, family and friends. Let us assume everything is listening and participating in the choices that we make to cohabit together.


In our dream states and in meditation we can easily expand our physical bodies and join the natural energetic layers of vibration within the nature on the land, sentient beings and animals we co exist with.

On the Telosia Sanctuary we invite everyone daily to spend some moments in a quiet reflective meditation individually and within the group. In this way our energies are always kept in synchrony and in alignment with each other as natural collaborators in nature within our current Living Experience.