We are Soul Family who first came TOGETHER when John and Elaine (from the UK) met Joanne and Jaap in the Netherlands with the assistance of a gifted multi-dimensional telepathic young adult called Grandma Chandra (from the USA).

We began collaborating TOGETHER to facilitate workshops with families, therapists, teachers, and Young People. Other meetings came forward within Group Sound Meditations, and Young Master Gatherings in Neths, UK, USA, Portugal, France, Belgium and Norway.

In 2014 we collaborated TOGETHER to Co-Create our Soul Group Family Home called “Telosian Community” nr Mt Shasta, California, USA.

In 2016 Joanne and Jaap Vermue began the “Ubuntulaan Community” eco project based at Oosterwold-Almere, nr Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Later in 2017 we met in synchronicity, with Marie and Pierre in Ariège, in the Pyrénées, SW France and our French Community connection became Bella Cruz CoLiving.

We are all specialist Facilitators, Teachers, Life Coaches, Family Therapists, Farmers, Architects, Builders, Designers, Carpenters, Musicians, Artists, and Guardians of new Consciousness children and grandchildren.

We are ALL passionate to co-create New Ways of Living alongside our gifted Next Generation of Multi-Dimensional Sentient Soul Family. We feel we are the Navigators and CoCreators as Guardians of the New Earth within Family Living environments.

We have an intention to co-create new living spaces where we can explore – eco agricultural projects, sustainable living with the land, off the grid living, connecting to our multi dimensionality, alongside other eco conscious projects and activities.

We share this information and experience with other international families and communities.   All our activities are in collaboration with the new generation of humans who are making a conscious choice to live with more space and freedom within their daily living experience.